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Steve Smith - Meet Steve Smith. Many central Rhode Island residents have heard of Steve Smith, and here is a little bit more about Steve.  He may sell a lot of homes but how will that benefit you personally?  How qualified is Steve Smith to do the job you need him to do?

The fact of the matter is that Steve Smith has designed a unique and technologically advanced system for selling homes that ensures that every one of his home buyer and seller client’s get regular and attentive customer service.

The best possible result when you buy or sell real estate.

Steve Smith learned the hard way very early in his real estate career, in the Spring of 1984, that constant continuing education would be an essential component of not only the success of his business but of the quality of service he would be able to render to his home buyer and seller clients.  Steve Smith spent his first six months in business with a company that offered no educational training whatsoever.  Consequently, Steve Smith did no business at all during that first six months in real estate.  Fortunately, Steve Smith switched to a new company that offered exceptional educational training. This education that Steve Smith acquired formed not only the foundation of Steve Smith’s thirty three years of real estate selling success but the exceptional results Steve Smith has provided for more than 1500 home buyer and seller clients since 1984.  

Steve Smith took this newfound training and literally hit the ground running.  Steve Smith would be the first to arrive at the real estate office at 7am and the last to leave at 11pm, seven days a week.  Steve Smith continues to reinvest in continuing education to this very day to stay on the cutting edge in a rapidly changing real estate landscape. 




Steve Smith’s $100,000+ in educational training proved so successful that the local real estate industry reached out to Steve Smith and asked that he become a trainer himself for both the Rhode Island Association of Realtors and several Boards of Realtors around the state of RI as well.

Believing he could only become the best real estate agent from those that already were the best, Steve Smith sought out the most successful agents, brokers, and trainers around the country.  Steve Smith even borrowed ideas from other industries in an effort to improve the quality of service and results that he provides to his clients. 

When someone decides to buy or sell real estate they are making what will eventually be one of the most important financial decisions they will ever make.  Because this is true, Steve Smith believes that one of his most important responsibilities he has is to be a provider of complete and accurate information to his clients. Quite often, the quality of a persons choices is based on the quality of the information those choices are based upon. Steve Smith is compulsively thorough in researching the facts necessary to be the kind of professional information provider that his clients need.  

A very smart man taught Steve Smith early in his real estate career that in Real Estate what you do is solve people’s problems and Real Estate is the vehicle that you use to do that.  

Specializing In Selling Homes That Previous Agents Couldn't Sell

For example, one of Steve Smith’s specialties has always been selling previously expired and withdrawn listings.  In other words, these are houses that one or more previous agent were unable to sell. Despite the fact that Steve Smith is listing houses that have sat, unsold, for three months to three years, Steve Smith has sold 100% of the listings he has taken over the last several years.  Steve Smith has learned the three basic fundamentals of real estate selling success that produces faster home sales and at higher prices every single time.  Steve Smith’s selling his client’s houses in half of the MLS average time and for a 5%-20% higher selling price.

Helping Frustrated Buyers Achieve The Dream Of Home Ownership

Many of Steve Smith’s buyer clients come to him after having worked, unsuccessfully, with other real estate agents first.  There were two consistent complaints that Steve Smith heard from them.  First, the buyers were receiving emails containing homes for sale that didn’t remotely resemble what the buyers were looking for.  Second, the best houses were getting sold before the buyers could see them and make an offer.  Some of these buyers had even given up looking for a home before being referred to Steve Smith.  Steve Smith did two things very differently than did the previous agents.  

Steve Smith performed his home searches in a dramatically different way to insure that the emails received by his buyer clients contained only homes that exactly met his buyer client’s search criteria, Steve Smith’s buyer clients no longer had to wade through a sea of junk email to find the few, if any good home listings to be found.  Because of the unique manner of Steve Smith’s home searches, Steve Smith’s buyer clients were getting to the best listings first giving them a jump on their buyer competition.  Buyer’s who had previously looked in frustration for months were now finding their new home in days or weeks.

Steve Smith believes that good communication is one of the keys to a good working relationship.  With that in mind Steve Smith likes to do a few things a little differently.  When a client calls Steve Smith, Steve Smith will answer the phone most of the time.  On the rare occasion that a client has to leave a message, most calls are returned within the hour. Clients also get regular updates, by phone and email, a minimum of once a week. Monthly face to face meetings allow for an even more complete exchange of information.  

Steve Smith believes that producing the best results in the end is not enough if you don’t offer excellent service along the way.

Additional details can be found on the Steve Smith’s BUYING and SELLING pages on this website.